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How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Long Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day Weekend, let your pets in on the fun, too. Here’s how to do it safely. 

  • Watch out for the Grill! – 

Seriously, the smell of hot food flaming on the grill can be enough to tempt even the most well-behaved dogs. Keep your pup far away from the grill, being sure not to feed them near it. Apart from the digestive problems caused by eating human food, your dog can burn and seriously injure himself with the fire. 

  • Avoid Overheating – 

One of the leading causes of heatstroke in pets is leaving them in a hot car with poor air circulation. Other factors like little access to shade, pre existing health conditions, excessive movement and hot walking surfaces can contribute as well. 

If your pet is displaying signs of heatstroke or overheating, please contact your Vet right away.

  • Tag and Chip Your Pet – 

This is the perfect time to check and make sure your pet’s collar is updated with your current contact information and that they’re microchipped and the registration information is up-to-date. Consider including the name and contact information of an emergency contact as well.

  • Watch for Toxic Substances – 

Make sure trash is out of reach and trash cans are covered. Also, don’t leave food and drinks lying around and watch for harmful substances like insect repellant, charcoal and lighter fluid – all things which can attract curious pets. 

  • Boarding Your Furry Friend for the Weekend? 

Taking a trip for the weekend? Our Paradise Pet Hospital offers affordable and convenient boarding for your pet. There’s no reason to leave your pet alone if you don’t have to, especially if they struggle with separation anxiety and/or depression. Board your pet this Labor Day Weekend with us, and rest easy knowing they’re in safe and reliable hands while you’re away. 

We offer real-time online booking. You can view our schedule here or call us directly at (702) 874-4265 with any questions. 



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