6 Reasons Las Vegas Just Might be the Perfect Place to Advance Your Veterinary Career

Vegas has been steadily inching its way up the ladder that is the Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S. for over a decade, taking the #2 spot just last year.

There’s a reason that upwards of 42 million tourists visit us each year. Seriously, that’s the entire population of Los Angeles or Miami visiting Vegas – every single month. Looks like our secret is out: Las Vegas is hands down one of the best places to live in the entire world.

And with our current population at a measly 650,000. We’re the lucky few.

Our other secret, we don’t visit the strip that much (which, believe it or not, isn’t even in Las Vegas!). That’s something you get out of your system within the first couple of years of living here. In fact, many Vegas locals only visit the Strip maybe once or twice a year. Usually when friends are in town.

We’re too busy soaking in all the natural beauty that surrounds us. And there is so much more that Vegas has to offer than what you’ll find on the strip.

Here are the top reasons why you’ll love Vegas:

1. Your first year is a permanent staycation: Seriously, your first year in Vegas may be a bit of sensory overload, but just go with it. And as a Vegas local, you’ll enjoy the perks. Locals discounts, free pool & club entrance, last minute free shows. The possibilities are endless.

2. You’ll start loving life off the strip: Whether you’re outdoorsy, artsy, musical, spiritual, or just your everyday adventurer, if you love it or want to learn it, Vegas has it! Playing an instrument, learning a new language, learning a new sport, becoming a recreational pilot. It’s all right in our backyard.

3. You’ll become the most popular person in your friend and family groups: Moving to a new city can be a big change and a bit intimidating. You’ll have no shortage of friends and family willing to ‘make your transition easy by coming out and staying for a few days’. How kind of them. Don’t worry – eventually you’ll learn to say no.

4. You’ll find our cost of living quite nice: We’re on par with the majority of metropolitan cities across the United States. But when you compare Vegas to some of our higher maintenance cities, it’s jaw dropping! The cost of living in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and New York – we’re talking over 50% more expensive than in Vegas.

5. You can keep more of your money too with no state income tax. Across the United States, income tax ranges from 2% to as high as 8%, with high earners being hit the hardest. You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at, and you deserve to be in control of your earned income. Las Vegas is one of only 8 states without income tax. We may be a bit biased here, but of those 8, we consider NV to be #1 in terms of cost and quality of life.

6. And year after year, you’ll enjoy the overall quality of life Vegas has to offer.
Travel: We have countless destinations within a 3-hour drive time, and even better, Mccarran International Airport is easily accessible and has direct flights all over the world.
Foodie?: World-class dining both on and off the strip, 24/7.
Entertainment: We fair and square earned our “Entertainment capital of the world” designation.
• Sports: Well, ask and you shall receive. First came the Golden Knights who made it to the World Cup in Year 1. Unprecedented. And this year kicks off Year 1 with the Raiders.
• Community: Not too long ago, Vegas was frequently described as a transient city with people coming and going – no real roots. Thanks to the amazing people and businesses in our community, you will see that is no longer the case.
• Fitness: From breathtaking hiking, rock climbing or boating… to a cycling community in the thousands, there is something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.
• Weather: We have a few weeks in August that may test your heat tolerance, but outside of that, it’s sunny and gorgeous all but maybe 25 days out of the year.

If you’ve been considering a change of pace and scenery, and thinking about your relocation options, give Vegas some strong consideration.

It may just be the one place where you can have your cake and eat it too. (I don’t really know what this line means either, except… Vegas is pretty awesome.)

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