What It’s Like Working at PetMedic Hospitals

Would you like to work for an animal hospital that is not only committed to innovation and medical excellence, but also makes going to work feel fun and rewarding?

PetMedic hospitals is Las Vegas’ leading veterinarian practice group, with 4 hospital locations spread throughout Las Vegas and Henderson. At PetMedic, we believe in advancing veterinarian medicine and in the welfare of animals. Our goal is to provide exemplary care to our patients at an affordable price for our clients. 

We do this by embracing new technologies and staying current with trends both inside and outside of the veterinary world. 

From the beginning, we saw the gaps in the veterinary world and decided to apply a fresh perspective to the industry. For example, recognizing that veterinary medicine lags behind human medicine by 2 decades, we make it a point to stay on top of the latest technological advancements happening in the industry. 

Careers at PetMedic: At PetMedic, there is something for everyone. We offer numerous positions, for varying skill sets and for professionals at every stage in their careers – whether you’re still in school, a recent grad, or a seasoned DVM looking for a change. You will have the opportunity to choose your path and shape your role here at PetMedic. Here are some positions we typically hire for: DVM’s (Lead and Associate levels), Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants (VA’s), Customer Service Representatives, Kennel Attendants, and Practice Managers at any of our four locations.

Our Mission and Values: We prioritize the customer experience because we understand our responsibility and impact to our community. Furthermore, we have adopted an employee-first culture that is aimed at lessening compassion fatigue and burnout by committing to work-life balance, a positive work culture, and employee appreciation. 

Our mission is what it’s always been: to make excellent veterinary care affordable and hassle-free. We do this by utilizing the best technology in our industry and training our expert staff to the highest standards of medicine. Our vision is to grow at a steady, sustainable pace and establish ourselves as leaders in Nevada and beyond for quality and reputation. 

Interview and Hiring Process: The process of joining our team goes like this: you send in your resume either through our Careers Page, or directly to us at careers@petmedichospitals.com. We will review it and reach out for an initial interview, either in-person or over the phone, if your skillset aligns with our practice group’s needs. After that, we will schedule an in-person interview, giving you the opportunity to tour our hospitals, meet the team and ask any questions you may have. 

Note: these steps can change depending on the position you’re applying for, whether or not you’re relocating and other factors. 

Perks and Benefits: On top of an industry competitive compensation package, we offer generous paid-time off, schedules that truly allow for work-life balance, generous referral programs, robust veterinary services discounts for you and your pet as well as complimentary wellness plans for your pets. 

PetMedic Company Culture: We really do have amazing teams at all of our hospitals. Though we move fast and the job can be demanding at times, we play just as hard as we work and we always encourage our team members’ personal growth and advancement. 

Living in Vegas: Living in Vegas is definitely a huge benefit of working at PetMedic. There’s an endless supply of food, entertainment, sports, events, and more in the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. Also, Mccarran International Airport is easily accessible and has direct flights all over the world for when you need to get out of the city.

Think you got what it takes to work with the Big Dogs? 

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