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Thanks so much for booking your Dental Cleaning Consultation Appointment!

Preparing for your appointment

What happens during a dental cleaning appointment?

A dental cleaning visit with your veterinarian will include a thorough dental examination, anesthesia and associated pre-op blood work, teeth cleaning, and polishing to remove the tartar and periodontal disease-causing plaque.

The treatment your pet may require will be discussed with you after the cleaning once each tooth and the gums have been checked. It can be difficult to predict the extent of dental disease in advance of the procedure, so your veterinarian may contact you during the procedure to discuss any additional treatment or extractions that may be necessary.

How should I prepare?

We offer a complimentary pre-exam for dentals so that the doctor can assess your pet to make sure they’re healthy, do pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and give you an accurate estimate on costs for treatment. You will receive further instructions at your initial appointment. 

Please note: A deposit will be taken at time of drop-off. If you miss your drop-off time, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get you rescheduled. 

Give us a call if you have any questions: (702) 874-4562

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