Blood Work Results For Your Pets.

We have in-house blood chemistry and hematology machines to quickly obtain blood work results on your pet when it’s not feasible to wait for results from an outside lab. This is especially important in urgent care or emergency situations when time is of the essence. Having the ability to analyze blood work on-site increases the chances that our doctors can determine what is ailing your pet and can quickly start the appropriate treatment.

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In-House Labs with PetMedic Hospitals in Las Vegas Nevada

When Is Blood Work Necessary?

In sick and emergency situations

Blood work provides you with valuable information regarding your pet’s health and is often the first step in trying to determine what is causing a pet’s symptoms. Blood work helps our veterinary staff make immediate decisions about your pet’s treatment plan, so we can quickly help your pet.

Preanesthetic testing

A preanesthetic blood panel is required prior to your pet’s surgery, dentistry, or other procedure that requires anesthesia. It lets our doctors know if anesthesia is safe for your pet and allows them to make adjustments if they see anything abnormal. This blood work is performed the same day as the anesthetic procedure, making it easy for you and your pet because it eliminates the need to have your pet fast more than once and reduces the number of trips you need to make to the hospital.

Preventive care screening

Because the signs that your pet is sick are not always obvious, preventive care testing is often recommended as part of your pet’s annual exam. Preventive care screening not only uncovers disease before it’s too late, but can also help you avoid significant medical expenses and risks to your pet’s health.

Medication monitoring.

Some medications can have side effects and periodic blood work while your pet is being treated can catch these problems early and allow our doctors to make necessary changes to your pet’s treatment plan. With other medications, blood tests are needed to ensure that the
dosage is appropriate.